Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clear Summer Skies -- Paddy Moore

Rating: ***

Many children are anxious to get rid of the parental supervision that lurks around them called "parental helicopter". But none as much as the author, Paddy Moore, and his friend Chris did when they were twelve. Moore recounts the time when they convinced their parents to allow them to stay the night in the forest alone. He states how excited they were to finally be off on their own, but their meals and overall experience turn out to be horrible.

This reminds me of the hiking trip our class took because although some people were very excited to spend three days in the wilderness, the end result was not as great as they hoped. Some aspects, like forgetting food or equipment, bad weather, etc, made some people sad and frustrated, just like the boys in the article.

This article has taught me to be prepared for anything, so that disaster does not strike and ruin my plans.

Moore, Paddy. "Clear Summer Skies". Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2009. Page 47. Print.

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