Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TED TALK - Mitchell Joachim: Don’t Build Your Home, Grow It!

Rating: ***

This Ted Talk was short but sweet. It introduces a new idea for the future where biology meets architecture.

This video had some great ideas! Mitchell Joachim introduced a new idea of building houses out of meat and growing houses from plants. His idea consisted of grafting trees into forming houses. These houses don’t make more carbon dioxide, but take carbon in and create more oxygen. The houses would fit into the environment, they are the environment. It only takes about seven to ten years to build a village of plant homes, so why not? We could get rid of the suburbs, and all live in the forest. The future would be veggie houses and meat buildings if biology met architecture.

I think Mitchell Joachim has some great ideas! I liked his out of the box way of thinking. I think that someday when veggie and meat houses are a possibility we should definitely grow them. The tree houses, made by grafting trees to grow houses seemed like a great idea. The meat houses on the other hand would probably go rancid. The plant houses would not go mouldy because they are still living. We as a human race are not doing so well to defeat global warming, so I think veggie houses are a great idea. Not only would the houses suck in carbon dioxide, but they would also provide us with more fresh oxygen! This video introduces a great and unique way to solve global warming.

I suggest that anyone that cares about the earth and has a creative yet out of the box way of thinking should watch this video.

Mitchell Joachim: Don’t build Your Home, Grow It! TED Ideas Worth Spreading. July 2010. Web. 11 May 2011.

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