Friday, May 13, 2011

Get your hike on


"Get you hike on" by Sue Lebtrecht, is an informative read on what she considers to be some of the best hikes in Ontario's provincial parks. It is quite interesting, especially after just coming back from an amazing hike yourself.

Sue Lebtrecht gives a short description of multiple hikes you can take in Ontario's provincial parks. She recommends hikes that you can go on with a group or by yourself. These hikes aren't only amazing for their scenery, but a few also have historic significance. Baker trail is not just beautiful, but also leads to the farmhouse of Thomas Baker, which he worked on in the early nineteen hundreds. This trail is accessed by a 7 Km paddle form Woods Bay Marina

This article was especially interesting to me because i had just gone on a hike in Ontario. Though the passages were brief, they explained the main points of the trails and caught your attention. This article has taught me that there are more hikes out there than the ones you hear about regularly, and to look for the new hikes that aren't always just for the scenery.

Lebtrecht, Sue . "Get your hike on." Explore Sep. - Oct. 2006: 1. Print.

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