Saturday, May 14, 2011

Heat Exhaustion & Heat Stroke

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This article was clear and easy to understand but it didn't really give much detail on how to prevent or cure the three heat illnesses.

The author of this article talks about the three heat illnesses you can get while outdoors, or doing a lot of exercise. The first one they talk about is heat cramps, which can occur in your arms, legs and stomach. These cramps aren't too serious but they can be very painful. The second illness is heat exhaustion, this includes many symptoms like tiredness, weakness and dehydration. In these two situations it's important to drink cold liquids and get out of the heat.The final illness is heat stoke which is the most dangerous illness because it can cause brain damage and even death. If someone is having heat stroke it's important to get there body temperature down fast (in this article it tell you how to do so).

If you are looking for some simple solutions to cure heat illness this article has some good basic information.

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