Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Hiking Trip Reflection

The 2011 PAD20 hiking trip was so much fun! I learned very many skills out there that I wouldn’t normally learn in a school environment. For 3 days I learned many life skills and how hard camping actually is rather than how easy it looks. Sharing a tent with 5 stinky boys is not the easiest thing when you want to sleep. There are a lot of long days and a lot of hiking the last thing you need is to not be able to sleep.
There were a lot of good parts to the trip and a few bad parts. Some bad parts were those darn bugs! They were always in your face! They wouldn’t bite, no they would just ram the little bodies up your ear which I found really annoying. Another bad parts was the rain that we got on Wednesday night and I got all wet. I had to where those clothes to bed and I froze like a popsicle. But on the other side of it there were a lot of really good parts. I loved having freedom to do whatever u wanted I felt very grown up. To be able to take my shirt off and jump into a freezing cold lake made me feel like a man. Also the food was amazing! Kudos to Michaela who knows how to cool spaghetti 2 night in a row.
All around the trip was a 3 days to remember for the rest of my life! From a lot of hiking having fun with friends and just plain jumping in a freezing cold lake with Josh it was the best! I would definitely do it again!

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