Monday, May 16, 2011

Day Hiking above the Bay of Fundy, Cape Chignecto Provincial Park

This article is about Cape Chignecto Provincial Park in Nova Scotia. It’s the biggest provincial Park in Nova Scotia. After reading this article, I have decided that if I ever go to Nova Scotia, I will definitely have to visit this park and do some hiking. It sounds like a great place to be. I’ve been to Fundy Bay in New Brunswick and it was a great experience. I walked along the beach during low tide and I really enjoyed myself. If one were to visit this park and is an experienced backpacker, they should try the Eatonville trail. On this trail, you can visit Eatonville where you will find old mills and learn the history of this 1980 town. You can also see and access “The Three Sisters” from this trail, as long as it’s during low tide.

If I were to visit this park, I would take the Mill Brook Canyon Trail. It is easier than the Eatonville trail but still has an amazing landscape and scenery. The elevation ranges from 200m above sea level to the same level as the ocean. Another thing that I like about this trail is that it’s only 12km return. The only thing about this park that would make me nervous is all the dangerous wildlife, like black bears and wildcats.

This article was good though it wasn’t my favourite out of the five that I’ve read so far. I thought it involved more stats and numbers than information on the overall experience of the park.

Rating: ***

"Day Hiking above the Bay of Fundy Cape Chignecto Provincial Park." Web.

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