Monday, May 23, 2011

Sweating out the pain - Gerry Townend

Rating: ***

I found this article rather enlightening. It has helped change my outlook on sauna's. It demonstrates how the Ottawa Senators hockey trainer uses low-heat saunas to help heal injured and weak players after a long day of training. It also tells a story of how a man who was training for the Iron Man competition used a low-heat sauna for 20 minutes after everyday of training because he wanted to avoid stress injuries. In the end, he was able to complete the competition in under 16 hours, 1 hour faster than the maxout time.
Before I read this article I used to think sauna's were what you could relax in beside a pool for about 5 minutes before you felt like you were going to burst into flames. But this article has shown me how sauna's can actually help detoxify chronically ill patients, as well as cure soft tissue injuries and loosen creaking joints. When I become a rich and famous athlete, I will be sure to purchase one of these!

Townend, Gerry. Sweating out the pain. Ottawa Outdoors. summer/fall 2007

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