Sunday, May 15, 2011

TED Talk- The Economic Injustice of Plastic

By: Van Jones


When you trash the planet, you trash other people. But if you create a world where you don't trash people, you won't trash the planet. Van Jones TED Talk is about how the chemicals in plastic doesnt only harm the planet it harms people too.

When you use a plastic bottle then you recycle it, that bottle doesnt always end up where you think it would. In some places, plastic bottles are shipped to developing countries like China, where there idea of recycling/ desposing of the plastics is to burn them. When the plastic is burned, harmful chemicals are released into the air. The pollution in the air make the air unhealthy to breathe. Even though we are trying to keep our country clean, the air from Asia travels to North America and pollutes our air too.

Van Jones has the right idea that we need to lower the use of plastic but he tends to go off topic quite a bit. All in all it was a pretty interesting talk.

Jones, Van. " The Economic Injustice of Plastic". Ted Talks. November 2010. Web. January 2011. Retreved from:

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