Wednesday, May 11, 2011

TED TALK –Kamal Meattle on how to grow fresh air

Rating: ****

This video showed a very interesting idea that I hadn’t heard of before, growing fresh air.

This video talked about 3 common house hold plants that can make fresh air, the areca plants, the mother in law plant and the money plant. The areca plant converts CO2 into oxygen, the mother in law plant coverts CO2 into oxygen at night so they refer to it as the bedroom plant and the money plant removes harmful chemicals from the air. They did an experiment in an old building and used the plants to purify the air, the results were that the blood oxygen in the people in this building went up by 1% after 10 hours, eye irritations were reduced by 52% and respiratory systems were improved, there were fewer headaches and less lung impairments. I thought this idea of using plants for fresh air was great, they even used the example that you could be in a bottle with the cap on top and if you had these three plants with you, you wouldn’t die. I think people should start using these plants more commonly in buildings.

How to grow fresh air. Meattle, Kamal. . posted March 2009

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