Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Green Camping Is An Idea Whose Time Has Come- By Craig Macartney

Rating ***
What ever happened to "take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but foot prints"? People are always arriving at campsites and having to pick up garbage so there kids or themselves don't step on empty cans or glass. In this article it gives you tips on keeping you campsite clean for the people that come after.

Start thinking green before you leave. If you are used to your RV or trailer, try going just with a tent. Tents have little or no harm to the environment and secondly, and you won't pay extra gas to carry it around. Be sure to pack extra garbage bags when you are backpacking and to put food in reusable containers so you aren't carrying around cans and extra packaging.

Preserve the terrain. Most campsites have levelled tent sites and using them can help preserve a site for years. Leave roots and large rocks alone, there should be room for you tent without damaging the ground. When collecting firewood, be sure to get the dead wood. Don't cut the living trees, find dead fallen over trees and sticks while hiking. Fire is dangerous, be sure to keep your fire attended so they don't lead to forest fires.

While on the camping trip we did with our school we followed by these rules and left our campsites cleaner then when we got there. Its important for you to have a good experience, but also for those who come after.
Macartney, Craig. "Green Camping is an idea whose time has come". Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2010. Print

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