Sunday, May 15, 2011

Trampling the great outdoors - Mark Walker

Rating: **

Mark Walker brings up an interesting topic, of whether exploring the great outdoors is a good thing or a bad thing. I found it very intriguing and he had some good points on why exploring can be a bad thing.

This article explains how some outdoor sports like; mountain biking, hiking, skiing and climbing can have a negative impact on our great outdoors. From deteriorating plant populations, to stressing out animals to the point of making them leave, exploring may not always be the best option. This article gives some tips like staying on marked trails and not veering off to off limit areas. Or watching your step making sure your not stepping on any rare plant species.

Reading this article made me really think about the times I have gone exploring and how maybe some of the things I have done could have had a negative impact of nature. It also makes me aware for the next time I go exploring in the great outdoors that i need to be sure to watch my steps and think before i make a decision.

I believe that anyone who goes exploring or does any of the sports named at the beginning, should read this full article and get aware.

Walker, Mark. "Trampling the great outdoors." BBC. 4 May, 2011. "27 par." Online. 15 May, 2011. Retrieved from:

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