Sunday, June 19, 2011

10 tips for beginner campers

10 Tips for beginner campers
Rated: ****
By: Allen Macartney

This article is really not a bad article to look at. If you are a beginner camper it is quite good. It hits some of the important things to be sure to do if you are going to have a good first camping experiance. Because if you have a good first experiance with anything, you tend to go back to it and try it out again. But if you have a rainy nasty experiance, it would probably be your first and last camping trip. Things that this article covered was food, bring good food! Just because your camping doesnt mean you have to eat hot dogs. You can make real, good food on your trip. Make sure your equipment is good, a good sleeping bad, sleeping pad and a good tent. Along with a tarp to hang over the site so it can protect your things from getting soaking wet. And dont just jump into a wilderness experiance. Try camping at a campground your first time to see if it is your thing. And do it on a nice weekend so that you will be able to enjoy yourself.
I believe that this article would be helpful in making your first camping experiance a good one.

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