Monday, June 13, 2011

All in a days paddle

Rating: ***

This article is short but informative. Its interesting to see how far a man can physically push himself.

It was during august when Joe O'blenis, a 38 year old from Amherst, Nova Scotia, had decided to set a world record. The goal was to see how much distance could be covered in only one day with a kayak. Joe set off with his kayak only weighing 40 lbs and his carbon fibre paddle. Down the peace river through BC and Alberta, Joe was challenged with fog , he had covered 275km in just 24 hours! His next challenge is to cross all of Canada with his kayak.

From cyclist to kayaker, Joe took on an amazing experience opening my eyes to kayaking even more. Joe is overall, a determined athlete seeking more challenges in the near future. For anyone interested in kayak or not, this story can prove how far you can go with a set goal.

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