Monday, June 13, 2011

Stranded at night in the snow

Rating: ****

The following is a fictional story on how anyone could survive during a snowfall, what to do and what to think about.

Picture yourself snowshoeing solo in gatineau parc, your on a trail and you have an idea to take a short cut, there's a snowfall and you lose your tracks, all you have is a survival kit. The ideal snow shelter is a dome shaped dugout in the snow. To build one u have to be aware of the snow type, it cannot be hard and crusty, it must rather be packed snow. It isn't the hardest thing to do, or even practice. After a heavy snowfall you can attempt to build one in your backyard, just to get the hang of it and be sure your ready to take on obstacles during a winter night.

The article was very informative on what to do during snowfall, it was great to read to be aware on how to survive. I would recommend this to anyone but mainly anyone taking on a winter adventure.

Macartney. Allen. Stranded at night in the snow. Ottawa Outdoors. Ottawa, Ont Winter 2007/2008

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