Sunday, June 19, 2011

Amazing Ted talk

Lewis Pugh swims the north pole
Rating: *****
By: Lewis Pugh

This video, I found so inspirational, it is so incredible. This man dreamt of going to the North pole at the age of 6, and once he finally got there, he visited non stop for 7 years, watching it slowly melt away each time he went back, and then global warming became something he wanted people to become aware of. He decided he was going to swim 1km in the north pole, where there used to be ice but is now water at a temperature of -1.7 degrees. He accomplishes this goal after 1 year of hard training. This video is so inspiring not only for global warming but also to follow your dreams, if you train long and hard enough, and keep positive and inspiring people around you, you can accomplish your dream. Such a great video.

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