Sunday, June 19, 2011

Skiing Is dangerous, why do we do it?

"My friend's recent death reminded me just how dangerous skiing can be. But maybe that's why I like it."
Rating: ****
By Cynthia Macdonald

This article talks about the author's friend's, Adam, unfortunate death while he was skiing. Because she was scared of the possibility of injury, or even death, she was a bit hesitant to continue skiing. She explains that although skiing is dangerous, the risks are what make it fun. The rush of flying down aSome people say skiing has gotten safer these last couple years, but it is actually just the more modern looking equipment, and more secure bindings. Even though the bindings are very secure, you can just as easily fall down, and the bindings may cause you to break your ankles. Also, she talks about how her family was very cautious, and didn't want to do many "dangerous" things.

I like this article because this is exactly the way my family is. My dad and step-mom never like to do things like roller coasters, or even camping, because they like feeling secure and safe. I, on the other hand, love doing things like hiking, skiing, and rock climbing, especially because they bring me out of this little "safety" bubble a lot of people have. I would say this safety bubble people have makes there life a lot more boring that it should be.

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