Monday, June 20, 2011

Around The Giant Mountain- Rob Lovitt

Rating: ***

Around the giant mountain is an interesting story that well grasp the interests of many hikers.

The article is about a man who embarks on a hiking trip with his friend. the mountain they hike is called Mount Rainer. The mountain is located in Mount Rainer National Park. One o the men have never been hiking on a mountain like this before. Acording to Rob (one of the hikers) Dean overlooks alot of the scenery that the mountain has to offer and he does not take the time to enjoy it. All he cares about is conquering the mountain and reaching the summit.

I thought this article was an okay read but would be better enjoyed by a more experienced hiker. However it did make me think that next time I head out on a hiking trip I will take my time to look at the wilderness and not only try to get to the top.

I would recomend this book to an experienced hikeKieth Gunnar/ Westock Back Packer./ December 1989

By Ryan123

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