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Article - Foot Blisters

Foot Blisters - Preventing + healing skin blisters

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Foot blisters -

Rating: ****

This informational article is a great read, especially if you have already been through the woe’s of blisters.

The article explains how the blister is formed, heat and friction causing irritation in the foot, which then produces a liquid inside of a pocket of skin. The article then proceeds to explain what you can do to prevent the blister, and furthermore treat the blister to avoid it from getting worse. I never knew there was anything like moleskin which you could use instead of a band aid. Not directly related to the article but reading the comments you can find some great tips as well, such as:I learned a while back in the US ARMY- To avoid blisters put on a pair of nylon socks (yes guys the kind the women use). Generally, ankle nylons work fine and really help out by lowering the friction on long, extended, heavy pack hauling marches.” by Gromkey. These types of tips can useful, and something not everyone would expect.

The article seemed to pretty composed, although somethings that would have been obvious to the writter, werent obvious to me the first time reading the article. After reading a comment in the comments section it’s pointed out that you should not puncture the blister until after your hike, because the skin and liquid are a way of reducing friction on the newly forming skin underneat, it also keeps it infection free. From reading the article it seemed to me that i should stick the needle into the blister during the hike!

The article was a bit vague in some parts, although reading the comments section is always a gold mine of information, and critique on the article, for a quick read on blisters, this is your guide!

Foot Blisters - Preventing & Healing Skin Blisters., April 8th 2008

By Sean

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