Sunday, June 5, 2011

Canoe Trip

On May 14th, my outdoor ed class and I headed off to the beautiful Algonquin Park for our 4-day canoe trip. It was a long 3 hour drive and when we finally arrived it was cloudy and buggy, but the lake was nice and calm. So, we set up our canoe's and since we had time we went and explored different campsites and I was the navigator, which turned out to be easy. About 10 minutes into our paddle it starts rain which really sucked for us because then it started to get really chilly. When we got to our first campsite we realized that our tent bag hadn't been packed properly and that we were left with a 4 person tent and a 3 person fly. Next time... we will have to check to make sure! We got firewood in the pouring rain and managed to make an awesome supper. We also heard wolves this night as we went to sleep ! That was pretty cool!

Next morning brenna joined us and we had an awesome mountain man breakfast! Then we paddled across Stratton lake which got us to our second campsite on St.Andrews lake. We set up camp then went to high falls! It had an outstanding view and we got some great pictures. We had taco's for supper that night and it was so good! We had lots of time to relax that night and tell scary stories while we listened to the sound of bombs. We went to bed terrified that night, especially since Ryan "heard" a bear earlier that day.

On the third day we did a LOT of portaging! It wasn't too bad but we were all pretty tired after, but we got to camp early and were able to set up our tents and have time to explore before supper. We went across the lake to take some pictures and we "accidently" left ryan on the other side. Supper was, as usual, really awesome except it gave me a bad stomach ache. This was the loudest night of them all for the bombs, it seems they were really into night training because now we could feel the ground shaking!

The last morning was a busy one, we woke up bright and early to some yummy breakfast. We head on our long journey of lots of portaging and paddling, but AWESOME views. Especially the canyon which was my favourite! We made it back in time and was able to play at my rugby game!

I had an awesome trip and it was an overall great experience. There was no bugs, so i couldn't have asked for more.

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