Sunday, June 5, 2011

Rock Climbing in the Great Indoors - David Brook

Rating: ****

Having fear of climbing even the smallest cliff outside, can’t stop you from climbing rocks on the inside, as David Brook shows us in his both, interesting, and informative read. I found this article interesting, and it holds its point throughout.

Throughout this article, Brook tells us everything we need to know about indoor rock climbing. From safety, to techniques, to equipment to finally local gyms. To begin with safety, Brook does a good job in telling us that rock climbing is almost always safe, as long as you do yourself the favour of checking and making sure your equipment is properly attached. When this is rock climbing is probably more safe than jogging or any other activities. The equipment is the thing that helps drive the safety and Brook does a superb job of analyzing each and every equipment needed. From the harness, and how you should put it on, and how you should trust it, to climbing shoes, and how they should fit your feet tightly, to something like the rope, and proper tying techniques. The article from the equipment then went to the basic techniques of climbing. Everything from being relax, to opposing motion are discussed, and analyzed in this very interesting article.

Brook did an amazing job of writing this article making it both informative, but he had a very clever way of writing it, with quick wit jokes throughout. This article holds a lot of prevalence towards myself, as I’ve done rock climbing twice before with my school, and if I read this article, I believe my transition into rock climbing would’ve been easier. It made me aware that indoor rock climbing is a closed environment, and is much safer than climbing on the outside. When I do go rock climbing again I will hold some of the morals, of staying relaxed, and accepting the fact that failing is fun. Something that I really liked about this article is that it is written by a local journalist, which gives us local locations of rock climbing gyms.

When in something like a rock climbing gym, one needs to realize that it is a different experience than climbing outside. And if treated properly it can be both an enjoyable experience, and a safe one in that. David Brook does an exceptional job in showing the reader this in his article, Rock Climbing in the Great Outdoors.

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