Thursday, June 2, 2011

Canoeing the Bowron Lakes

Rating ****

This article is about a group of canoeists paddling British Columbia's Bowron Lakes. The circuit is a chain of 11 lakes, 116 kilometres long, and 7 portages, accompanied by stunning sights and wildlife. Their journey lasts six days, and they say that they spotted only 1 other canoe during the first three days of their embark. They would wake up early in the mornings to see animals as well, and they weren't disappointed, seeing 15 moose in the first hour of daylight. This article added to my desire to visit B.C. The pictures they took look great. In one you can even see the clouds right beside the mountains on either side of the water.

The link to the website...

Ross, Jamie "The Delta Optimist", May, 2011

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