Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ted Talk- Using Nature To Grow Batteries, Angela Belcher

Rating: **

 This Ted Talk is about the production of natural batteries, Angela Belcher talks of a natural recurring organism, that of which resembles a virus (I think). It is made from 98% Calcium Carbonate and 2% protein called alaboni material, it is extremely tough and can provide 'life' to inatimate objects like batteries. This power doesn't last as long but it is easy to make and it is non-toxic, no harmful chemicals involve. With only thee two chemicals, the genetic 'code' is passed down from a female and male alaboni, making the offspring the same. If this technology becomes available, batteries can be made at home in a bowl, with no harmful side effects, unfortnunantly this isn't readily available, at least not yet.

  This Ted talk wasn't a jaw-dropper, or an 'oh my god! That was awesome!' kind of show, Angela had a few problems talking to the crowd and honetly, it wasn't that riveting. I think we have bigger problems than coming up with a natural battery, sure its economical but I ammore worried about problems closer to home. Also I haven't heard anything else about this, so I'l believe it when I see it.

Belcher, Angela. " Using Nature To Grow Batteries". TED Talks. April 2011.Web.June 2011. Retrieved From:

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