Friday, June 10, 2011

Essential Equimpment for Cycling


This article highlights all the essentials for a cyclist to bring along with them while they are biking. The first most important thing is water because everyone needs at least 2 liters of water everyday. While you're cycling you lose a lot of hydration through sweat and you'll need more while you are biking. Hydration packs are recommended so you can drink while you cycle and also hydration packs enable the biker to carry more things in it also. The second item you need is a pump and puncture repair kit so you won't get stuck walking home if one of your tires gets ripped. The third item is a helmet so you can protect your head if you ever fall. Clothing that is weather appropriate is the fourth item you need. Lights for the nighttime is the fifth and an important item so you're protected and won't get hit by cars if your biking at night time. A multi tool to fix your bike in an emergency. The last item is cycling glasses so you can protect your eyes from UV rays while biking.

I found this article not very useful because some of the items on here I don't have money for or don't have at all. Some of them are a bit useless because I wouldn't bike such far distances so that I would need tools to fix my bike if it broke. I think this article would be good for someone who is a competitive biker and who cycles for a long time.

Stubbles, Mark. "Essential Equipment for Cycling" June 6, 2011. May 2011


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