Friday, June 10, 2011

Kayaking for Beginners


This article highlights all the proper steps you should take to start kayaking on your own. Beginner classes are recommended before going out and also for your first time going along with a friend or two wouldn't be a bad idea either. This article also gives a few details on the types of kayaks that are out there like a kayak for one to kayaks for three of four. Next it gives a few instructions on what to do while or before going out to kayak. Stretching is the first important thing, then it highlights how to sit in the canoe, hold the paddle, and the rules of waterways. Kayaking is a very fun sport but it's always important to exercise caution so you'll have a safe trip.

This article taught me a few things about kayaking that I didn't know before. I've been kayaking a few times before and this article gave me an idea of what to do if I ever go out again.

Garrison, Sydney. "Kayaking for Beginners" July 13, 2009. May 2011

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