Monday, June 20, 2011

Fountain of Youth

Drinking From the Waters of Common Sense and Wisdom


This article is about an inspirational kayaker who is named John Pilson. He had a great performance and did well throughout the whole thing. The surprising thing is...he is 50 years old.

The article details four very important things for safety and health. You need to know "When to Walk", "Wait for Safety", remember "Quality, not Quantity" and "Account for Mental Fatigue."

Many people think that if they've done something once, they HAVE to do it again. This isn't true. The top 2 reasons people get hurt in the outdoors are: 1#: the desire to please others and 2#: attempting to follow a predetermined schedule. You should base your decisions on the state of your mentality, the river, how safe it is and if you feel right today.

This article is a must for avid kayakers to ensure safety by yourself and in numbers as well as keeping the seasons comming in your kayaking days.

Chris Gragtmans. "Fountain of Youth." Rapid, Summer/Fall Volume 12 No.3. Page 24.

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