Monday, June 20, 2011

Winter Survival

Rating: *****

This article is a response to Richard Code's actions. Maybe if he knew all these tips and advice he might have survived. Let this article and Code's story be a lesson that never be failed.

This article deals with different problems in winter survival and how to solve them with dfferent means. It deals about the conservation of body heat, proper clothing, your shelter, fire and even what to eat.

Conserving body heat is simple, but difficult to accomplish. Fire and a proper shelter would do most of the work for you, as well as proper clothing. The proper food to eat is high calorie food. Food like pemmican, a traditional and effective food. It is high in protien, minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients.

It also deals with things easily over looked. Things like difficulty of winter travel, snow blindness and wind. But with these disadvantages, there are some advantages. simple things like how snow can create an effective insulator, or snow keeps tracks to you can set up traps and snares. It is also harder to be lost as you can retrace your steps and and find you way back again.

All this advice and more can save your life and keep you having a healthy and fun winter survival experience.

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