Friday, June 3, 2011

How the market can keep streams flowing

Rating: ***'s Rob Harmon talks to us about how the market can keep streams flowing. He shows us how today's companies can help the worlds waters not dry up.

Rob Harmon explains that to make one pint of beer you need 5 pints of water, if you then include all the grain needed you need 100 pints of water. The breweries try to cut the amout of water they use, because their water footprint his restricting who and how many people will buy their beer, though it's hard because beer has water in it. These breweries are paying farmers to keep water in their streams,a good incentive to keep the streams flowing. This is an easy way to keep water in streams and rivers. This alone has returned 4 billion gallons of waters to degraded ecosystems, and provided farmers an economical way to save their waters.

This Ted talk has shown me that, though big companies use gallons of water a year, they also help the problems we are having in the environment and with water.

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