Monday, June 13, 2011

How to improve your footwork

This article talks about how to improve your foot work when you are rock climbing.

Having the right pair of shoes are the most important thing about rock climbing. If your shoes are too big they could slip off the rock when not expecting too. You want your shoes a nice tight fit so that you can grip the rocks when climbing. Most people trust their arms more than their feet, that’s because you can’t see your feet as well as you can see your arms right in front of you. If the shoes are more flexible, they will be more sensitive which can help you with of more an overhang. The stiffer the shoe it will become easier to hold in small places and cracks. You must trust your feet just as much as you trust your arms in climbing and it will become much easier.

This article taught me a lot on becoming a better climber and how to properly use my feet climbing. The right shoes can offer a better experience. It also taught me some exercise you can do to help you become a stronger climber. by: Yann Troutet

by Kritschy

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