Saturday, June 11, 2011

Magnifying Glass - A Natural Fire Lighter


Magnifying glasses used for two purposes in today’s times. One to look at images at a closer range and the other to utilize the sun’s rays to a fire starter. Use caution when making fires as to make sure they don’t get out of control. Collect dry leaves, dry grass, and small twigs, branches, or other forms of timber to begin your fire with. Make a pile of about half grass and spread crushed leaves over this pile. The dry leaves will begin to smolder and smoke which will heat the other material until combustion occurs. This may take some time depending on how dry your leaves are. It also may be necessary to blow on your glowing fire to make it flame. Place dry grass over your fire till it grows larger then add some twigs. Add wood to your fire till it’s your desired amount.

I found this article although short, to be very useful. We had an assignment in class the other day to create a fire using magnifying class and it took a major part of class till we actually got it going. This article is informative because it gives effective steps in making your fire which we were unaware of when trying to do ours. I want to try this another day using these steps to see how much more effective it is.

Nivala, David. "Magnifying Glass - A Natural Fire Lighter" August 22 2007. June 11 2011

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