Saturday, June 11, 2011

I read this article because on our hiking trip I had a really heavy bag the first day so I wanted to see how I could make my load lighter the next time I go hiking. However this article did not give me a lot of information on how to lighten my hiking bag.

This article gave me some tips on how to keep my hiking shoes warm at night and how to stay cool while hiking during a hot day but not much about having an “ultralight” backpack. The author did give some tips like how to make your cooking pans lighter, and if you pack high calorie food that are still healthy (like mixed nuts instead of bread) it can make your load lighter. However this entire article was not focused on how you can make your hiking bag lighter for your trip and did not help me at all.

This article had some other interesting fact though such as you can use less stove fuel if you are out of the wind. Also if you have a hat or bandana to soak it in a stream or lake to cool yourself hot if you are hiking on a really hot day. I think those two facts were the most useful out of everything I read in this article.

I wouldn’t recommend this article. It does have one or two interesting tips but overall it wasn’t informative or useful at all.

“Ultralight Backpacking Secret.” October 22 2006. Web.

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