Monday, June 20, 2011

Making Mountain Winnipeg


“It’s a cruel fate for a mountaineer to live in a place as flat as Winnipeg”

This article is about a solution to mountaineering in a place with no mountains, make a mountain. While this would seem like the obvious solution the article states it’s more difficult than it seems. They actually had to have to large poles spew water and then evenly freeze this water into the shape of a thinker Washington monument; it should take a week of work.

While this is a genius solution to the problem of no mountains, it’s not a very interesting read; it’s just an explanation of what they did and how then them saying how amazing it is to have something like this. I would avoid this article; this could have been just a diagram in a magazine for all I care (although the picture of the manmade mountain is pretty cool).

By Nick

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