Sunday, June 12, 2011

Man Survives Three Months in Australian Outback

Rating ***

This article is about an Australian man named Ricky Megee, age 35 who got lost in the desert for three months. He survived by drinking water out of a stream, where he also found grasshoppers and leeches to eat. When found, he was deeply tanned, and underweight. He claims that the last thing he remembers was driving up the road and getting a little dazed. He woke up facedown with rocks and dirt thrown over top of him. Investigators say that there is no evidence there was a criminal offense in connection with what happened, and there is doubt over some aspects of his story.
I found this article to be decent. It wasn't the most interesting thing I've read, but survival stories are always fascinating. Surviving alone in the Australian Outback during the summertime would be no easy task.

Here is the link,, April 13, 2006

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