Sunday, June 12, 2011

Top Ten National Wildlife Refuges for Paddling

rating: ****

This is a 3 part article and it shows a list of the top 10 best National Wildlife Refuges in different locations. When you go paddling in these places you see a lot of different beautiful wildlife without having to worry about them running away or attacking you. There are some quotes of some people that have visited these sites including;

"We've paddled right beneath hawks and past white-tailed deer. When you're in a canoe, animals don't appear to see you as a predator."

When it lists the 10 places on the 2nd and 3rd parts of the article, it explains what you will find in each Wildlife refugee, what the distance of water there is and some tell you what number to call to book a night to stay in that refugee. There are raised platforms and 2 islands where you can camp in one of the areas.

This article would help someone find the best wildlife refuges if they were looking for a good area. I personally would love to visit one of these areas one day because it would be exciting to see wildlife in their own habitats.

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