Monday, June 13, 2011

Outdoor Sleeping- sleeping without a tent

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This small article descibes some of the factors that you want to take into consideration when chosing to sleep inside a tent or outside.

Many people like sleeping under the stars because it gives them a sense of freedom, it brings you closer with wildlife, and you can see and hear everything that is going on around you. Also, with sleeping outside you do not need a tent, therefore, your backpack will be a lot lighter. Even if you are sleeping outside you should have a foam mat and a sleeping bag for more comfort and it is not recomended. If you do chose to sleep under the stars, make sure you check the weather conditions, and the night temperatures for protection against hypothermia. Check with local experts about dangerous wildlife or a bad misquitos population. For your campsite, chose one that is not on a mountain top because the weather is even more unpredictable higher up. You should always bring a tent, just incase the weather makes a turn for the worse or the wildlife is poor. 

I enjoyed reading this article because I think that it would be nice and fascinating to sleep under the stars with the wildlife. I may try this in the future on a camping trip, if the conditions are good enough.

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