Monday, June 13, 2011

Year-round outdoor activities at Whistler BC

Rating: ***

Dan Wallace wrote this small piece about the activities that the Whistler resort in BC offers to the public.

Whistler offers not one but 5 world class golf courses, world class hiking and mountain biking trails, fishing lakes, and of course the world renowned skiing and snowboarding hills. Also the ski resort has been ranked the number 1 ski resort in North America. Mr. Wallace explains that the luxury of the chalet is world class and the accomodation are the best in the world. Whistler was first put on the map in 2010, by the winter olympic games. The winter games gave the resort, advertising and many great reviews about the hills. In the near future the Whistler municipality have made a blueprint for future developement and residents. These should be ready by 2020.

I liked this small article because it had good, knowledgable information on the Whistler resort. I would love to visit the resort in the summer and tryout thier hiking and mountain biking trails. This is definetly a place that I would enjoy visiting for an outdoor experience.

Wallace, Dan. 2009. Year-round outdoor activities at Whistler.

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