Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pedaling in and Around Perth - Kathleen Wilker

Rating: ****/5
This article by Kathleen Wilker was very informative to me, and gave me lots of great ideas about cycling in the Perth area. To me, Perth was always just the tiny little town that we drove through to get to the cottage. It was just another town, just another place to make a pit stop, just another place to pick up Tim Hortons. Now, after reading this article, I realized that there is a whole other side to the tiny town that I was unaware of.
Hans Moor, the president of Ottawa's Citizens for safe cycling says that Perth could replicate the typical type of cycling you would find in the Netherlands ; Moor's homeland. This article informs readers about the different types of cycling you will find in Perth. From 15- kilometre flat routes along the Tay river to the 42- kilometre loop over hilly terrain to Murphy's Point Provincial Park, there is plenty of cycling routes for everyone. Hans Moor says that if a town wants to attract cycling tourist, then they have to offer more than just a few hundred kilometres of railway tracks or alongside a lake. Moor says; along with many other cyclists that Perth has it all. They have the lakes, hertitage buildings, farming countryside, farmers markets, and restaurants to feed hungry cyclists. Perth can also be a leisurly spot to cycle as well as training.
After reading this article, I know that Perth is not just another small town with a Tim Hortons! It is a wonderful place to cycle. This article convinced me to stop by Perth on the way to the cottage and go for a ride! It is a lovely place to be, and there is plenty of biking for everyone!

Wilker, Kathleen. "Pedaling in and Around Perth". Ottawa Outdoors. Spring/Summer 2011. page 18. print.

By Emma

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