Sunday, June 12, 2011

TED TALK - Tough Truths about Plastic Pollution - Dianna Cohen


This TED talk was a real eye-opener for me. Although it was a short video, I watched it 3 times because I found it so interesting. Knowing that in everything we see, there is plastic, and that plastic will always be plastic is just horrifying. Growing up, I have always known that in my generation, adults are trying to inform us teenagers about the dangers of plastic and how they can affect our environment, but, never once did I think about how dangerous plastics really can be until I watched this Ted talk by Dianna cohen.

Cohen begins her TED talk by informing her audience of how she came upon her mission of trying to eliminate the use of plastic. She began with her art sculptures made out of plastic. After telling her audience about her sculptures breaking into smaller pieces of plastic, she stated the cold hard truth: "Plastic will always be plastic." Cohen was very persuasive towards the audience and really captures their attention with horrifying images of plastic on our planet, and in our animals. One image that really made me want to do something about the plastic problem in the world was a dead bird with the contents of its stomach open to see. Inside were plastic bottle caps, pieces of plastic bags, and other deadly pieces of toxic plastic.

The main idea that Cohen was trying to portray to her audience was that the entrance of plastics in our marine environement needs to be put to an end, but as a viewer, I captured so much more than that. This TED talk was very effective, and I encourage everyone of all ages to watch it! Especially my current generation, because we are the next option to bring it to an end!

Dianna Cohen. Tough Truths about Plastic Pollution. Mission blue voyage. filmed April 2010, posted October 2010.

By Emma

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