Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Selfish Tripping: Enjoy Responsibly

Rating: ***

The purpose of kayaking expeditions typically fit into three universal types of people. The I'm-doing-This-For-A-Good-Cause-People to raise money and awareness, the I'm-Doing-This-To-Be-Faster-Than-The-Last-Guy-People and the I'm-Doing-This-To-Be-First-People.

Virginia Marshall makes her point clear that these three very different motivations that kayakers or any outdoorsy people have are actually found to be alike. The first or fastest athletes can be philanthropic if they feel like it as well. A lot of paddlers often say that they go on expeditions just for themselves and simply because they want to, which is a logical explanation. As another season of expeditions is arriving, most share the trio of motivations i talked about earlier but one stands out the most...Self-indulgence. Virginia is about to take part in a 16 day paddle around vancouver Island where she says her and her peers will set the record for slowest circumnavigation. She says there will be no obligations or 50 mile days unless they want to. That is something most I-Do-This-Just-For-Me-People should be happy with.

Marshall, Virginia. "Selfish Tripping: Enjoy Responsibly" Adventure Kayak Magazine. Summer 2011. Page 12. Print.

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