Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solo Interrupted-- by Tim Shuff

Rating: ****

Seventeen year old Tim has been dreaming of going on a solo canoe trip for years and when he gets his drivers license he heads out for three days. As he basks in his new-found freedom, the black-flies start to swarm as he portages his canoe. Tim's planned route is short since he assumes it will take him a long time to travel from place to place since he is alone. But he didn't realize how quiet and still the wilderness is, and how fast it would take him and he ends up finishing his entire three-day route in one day.

This article is written by the author as he reflects on his teen canoe trip. I wanted to read this article because it was short and it involved canoeing, which we had just finished in our class. I amazed at how he didn't complain about the portaging, which is what I would have done, but about how quiet and alone he felt in the wilderness. I realized that along with enough food and equipment, a solo camper must be prepared for total isolation and should measure a trip by time, not distance.

Shuff, Tim. "Solo Interrupted". Canoeroots Magazine. Spring 2008. Pages 30-31. Print.

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