Monday, June 6, 2011


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This article tells you what to do and expect from sudden tornados or storms.

Although storms are very predictable, these weather conditions are not very stable in higher altitudes and can happen at any moment. During a storm or wind storm the best thing to do is seek a sturdy shelter that can protect you until the storm dies down. Falling, being hit by debris, and blowing away are the main dangers of a storm, so you want to stay clear of the side of cliffss/steep parts in the mountain, and peaks. It is likely that if you dont take cover you could get seriously injured. You always want to check the weather before you leave for your trip, and during your trip, if you are able to, be able to check the pressure and watch clouds to see if the is any sign of bad weather ahead. Knowing this, you will be able to make or seek shelter.

This article has made me more aware of the storms dangers. I will now be able to react accordingly if i am stuck anywhere outside and a storm has rolled in. It makes you think about the stuff you wouldnt normally think about and knowing that little bit more information might end up in saving mine, or someone elses life.

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