Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ted Talk- David Gallo Shows Underwater Astonishments

Rating: *****

I loved this Ted Talk. Though it didn't really have on narrow topic that it focused on, it was full of really cool information about underwater life. First he spoke about bio luminescence, animals that glow underwater. He explained the many different uses for it, from attracting pray, to hypnotizing the predator, or to avoid being eaten. He then spoke about a squid (the exact species was not mentioned) that the males turn from brown to white when aggressive. However, they never show aggression to females, so they have the ability to make on half of their bodies brown, and one white so that to the female, he appears to be all brown. He also showed footage of the Australian Cuddle Fish, who has the ability to make it's tentacles appear as if they were coral or algae, for camouflage reasons. What I found really interesting about this Ted Talk is that David Gallo mentioned that we have only explored 3% of Earth's Ocean waters. That really suprised me, and it made me think, if we have already discovered so much in 3%, imagine what there is left to discover in the 97% that is still unexplored!

I recommend that anyone and everyone watch this Ted Talk. I was really fascinated. It was short, and gave a lot of really interesting information on a topic that I did not know much about. I really enjoyed it!

David Gallo Shows Underwater Astonishment. Recorded Mar. 2007, posted Jan 2008., film.

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