Monday, June 6, 2011

Ted Talk- Tales of Ice-Bound Wonderlands

Rating: ****

In this Ted Talk, Paul Nicklen talks about the much-feared leapard seal.

Paul Nicklen went to Antartica to take pictures and study the leapard seal, because they're known for their vicious state and Paul wanted to really find out what was going on. When he got there he was a bit nervous to proceed into the cold Antarctic waters but went in anyway only to find an actually very friendly "beast" of a leadpard seal, the ones the everyone so feared. They are very large animals and can genuinely be quite rough but as it turns out he made a friend with the seal and not once was he attacked or scared in their presence. He then shared a cute story on how the leadpard seal would try and "feed" him penguins, which is quite ironic as most would presume that Paul would have been the snack !

This story was really cute and i loved the fact that an animal would do such a thing! It made me think about all the other things that we say are "violent", "dangerous", "bad" and it brings me to realize that maybe things are just misperceived, and that we need to look more into things before animals, such as these adorable seals, recieve a bad reputation.

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