Sunday, June 5, 2011

Ted Talk - Medical Miracle on Mt.Everest

Rating: ****

In this Ted talk Ken Kamler talks about an everest expedition then went bad, but in the end had ended up in a miracle for one man, with a whole lot of will power.

Ken Kamler was on an expedition with a bunch of people to the summit of Mt.Everest, when all of a sudden a bad storm rolls in at the top of the summit when there were climbers on it. Ken at the time was at campsite 3, and him being the only doctor he would coax people through the storm so he could get as many as the climbers down to him to seek medical attention. Unfortunatly 5 did not make it down and had passed away. Others, however, made it down in critical condition. Then out of no where a climber who had been presumed dead stumbled into the tent seeking medical attention. He had been gone for two days and one night and was on the verge of dieing when somehow his brain was able to aquire such strong will power that this man was able to pick himself up and continue down the mountain. Unfortunately, he and several others had severe frost bite and hypothermia but is extremely lucky too have survived and it has become such a great miracle.

This ted talk made me realize what a huge amount of will power can do for someone, and how its efforts can go a long way. In this case, save his own life. I think if there's anything I got from this it is to never give up on what you want because you never know what good can come from such great efforts.

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