Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TED Talk – Mosquitos, Malaria and Education – Bill Gates

Rating: ***

In this TED talk Bill Gates talks about the dangers of malaria, caught from mosquitos, and how the education system can be improved.

Bill Gates, the man behind Microsoft, is the speaker in this TED talk. He begins by speaking about malaria and the harm it has done to the global population. He speaks about how the disease has been eradicated from the northern half of the world over the past hundred years or so. He mentions a way of helping those in the southern countries by giving out large bug nets for sleeping to keep the mosquitos that carry the disease out.

Bill Gates’ second topic during this TED talk is education. He points out that the high school drop out rate is above 30% which he believes can be improved by ensuring all teachers are up to or above the standard.

This TED talk has helped me to realise some of the problems in the world. The things that Bill Gates has said have also helped me to see how these problems can be resolved and what has already been done. Malaria and education are two very large issues that affect our world. They may affect it in very different ways, however, they can both cause damage to our population and our society.


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