Friday, September 30, 2011

Camping's Hottest New Trends - Dr. Christopher Thurber

Rating: ****

This article brings up a very interesting and important point. Dr. Christopher Thurber, the author, writes about how camping is getting more and more significant.

In this article the author explains that after most kids started playing more video games and watching T.V. than going outside, camping decreased in popularity. However, now that those two aforementioned things have proved to cause problems, camping has been turned to as a significant form of exercise and recreation. Day camps are booming, and even schools are incorporating traditional outdoor activities like canoeing. (can you think of an example of this kind of class?) With the advancement in technology camping is also evolving. GPS's and waterproof tents are just two examples of this. RVs are also entering the camping scene, though it's debatable whether camping with all the comforts of home is really camping after all.

This article really brought to my attention how much Canada and the rest of the world really need to pick up their act. Camping is an excellent activity to get into, especially with friends and family. Also that camping is changing as well. Camping was popular before technology, so why can't we enjoy both?

This article brings to view some points that are important and I recommend reading it if you have a spare minute.

Thurber Christopher Camping's Hottest New Trends March 2011

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