Friday, September 30, 2011

How to pack a backpack

How to pack a backpack

By: Dave Brown

Rating: ****

This article was great to read because it provided me with oodles of useful information on how to pack my hiking backpack.

The article explains how to pack a hiking backpack properly so that you don't have any injuries from an unbalanced pack. It explains to you that if you pack your backpack in three zones its will make your journey a lot easier. As I mentioned, there are three zones: zone 1 consists of your lightweight items i.e., sleeping bag, clothes etc, zone 2 consists of your heavier items i.e., tent, water, food etc, finally zone 3 consists of your medium weight items. The zones are located in different parts of your pack, zone 1 is the bottom of the pack, zone 2 is the lower middle rear of the pack, and zone 3 is the middle front and top of the pack. The article then gives you packing tips, and lists some essentials that you'll need on your trip.

This article affected me greatly. It made me change my mindset of how I was going to pack my backpack. I was planning on jamming everything into my backpack, but after reading this article it made me change my way of packing. Packing methodically will better prepare me if the weather changes. I found out that Brown's method of packing balances out the weight, making it easier on your back to carry. I'm very excited to test this method out on our trip, and believe that this packing method will help make my trip a success.

Brown, Dave. How to pack a backpack. Ottawa Outdoors. Summer/Fall 2011. Page 36.

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