Friday, September 30, 2011

Colombia Mission

Rating ****

The article I read was Colombia Mission. This article is about 4 kayakers who met up to discover Colombia's undiscovered white water runs, simply because they all wanted to kayak.

They spent their first week in San Gil where they paddled a few known rivers. They went to a small town named Cocorna where they spent 3 days kayaking 20 km kayaking the Rio Cocorna. They had some diffucult situations here such as lack of food and shelter, and one of the members almost cut his fingers off with a machete. They found a way to move on and they bussed to their next destination, Rio Juanambu. Here, they found an impressive gorge. It was nearly nightfall by the time they got onto the water so they only got a few kilometers in until they found the perfect place to sleep. The next morning they began their real exploration of the Juanambu. After half an hour the whitewater became more difficult. They had no idea what to expect for the next 20 km but they made it through despite their doubts. A few days later they paddled the Rio Guaitara which was a smilar route. Unfortunatly where they were paddling had bad water and one of the members spent the last few days of the trip in the hospital in Pasto, recovering from an infection from bad water in the Guaitara.

This article showed showed me the true meaning of never giving up. These men had so many problems and barriers to overcome on this trip but they found a way to look past it all because they were doing something they loved with people who enjoyed the same thing. I would recomend this article to anyone who enjoys reading adventure filled articles, as well as life lesson based writing. The article inspired me.

Kayak Sessions Magazine -Online-
Photos and Words By Ron Fisher
Fall 2009
Jordan Lundin

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