Monday, October 24, 2011

Antarctic Challange

The Antarctic Challenge
By: Sir Peter Scott
This article is about a boy who fallows in his father’s footsteps by traveling through the Antarctic Circle.

In 1911, Capt. Robert Falcon Scott traveled with five other men from Cape Evens through the Antarctic wilderness to reach the South Pole. Two of the men made it to within 11 miles of their base camp but sadly none of them survived. This was the second time that that Sir Robert Scott had gone to the South Pole and the third time that an expedition has made it that far. Even though Scott and his fellow explorers had been snowed on by the news that they were not first, they traveled on with warm hearts and cold feet. They were pinned down by a frightfully strong storm almost in the exact spot that they died. Before Scott died, he sent a letter away to his wife with the request that she were to raise their son Peter as a naturalist. She did so and when Peter was in his twenties, fallowed in his father’s footsteps.
This is an amazing story that corporates a life changing lesion that should help everybody in their personal and adventurous lives. This has thought if you have a dream, you should fallow it all the way. Sir Robert Scott devoted the last twelve years of his life to the protection and exploration of the South Pole. It also thought me that parents are only around for so long and you have to love them while you can.
This is an excellent read that I would recommend to anyone.

National Geographic, VOL 171, NO.4 April 1987, Pg.538

By Tyler Franklin

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