Sunday, October 23, 2011

Bare-Foot Running For Fun

Rating: *****

Ever wonder how it would feel to fun a half marathon barefoot?

The title “Bare-Foot Running for Fun” really speaks for itself. A man was motivated to try running barefoot and he did. All through December on the cold glassy ice to March, he ran barefoot for fun. The man in the article said, “A lot of people will say ‘Oh my god, are you crazy?’ but this is just another way of having fun. It is another lifestyle like how other people choose to bike or swim. Running barefoot teaches how to be lighter on your feet when you run, and how to properly run without the cushioned support from shoes. It is a new challenge for your feet because they are not use to all the different textures and bumps on the ground. Barefoot running is not for everybody because not everyone is use to running this way so many injuries can occur if you were to try it right away. To run barefoot you gave to gradually expose your feet to the ground little by little. This is a very inspiring article because being able to go out and run a half marathon with no shoes shows true determination, commitment, and technique to be able to do something that can involve a serious injury. It’s just another way to get out, be active, and have some fun.

I would recommend this article to any runner that would want to shake things up a little. It never hurts to try something new. The more people experience the better.

Bare-Foot Running for Fun, Julia Sisler: Ottawa Outdoors; Summer/Fall 2011

By Haley Lorenz

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