Tuesday, October 25, 2011

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ROCK-A-BYE BABY by John Portwood

Rating: *****

Rock-A-Bye Baby is a great short story about a man sleeping 60 meters in the air.

John Portwood goes hiking out into the woods with a German mountaineer named Lorne Eadie. While carrying 35kg, they decide to stop for the day. With the aid of Lorne, the pair make camp 60 meters above ground. After an exhausting climb, John stays up in the tree, not even coming down for some water, or delicious, mouth watering Kraft Dinner. As night comes, John has a hard time falling asleep. Eventually he does, only to find that his head is off of his hammock and hanging 60 feet in the air.

This short story has had an impact on me. The thought of sleeping 60 feet in the air supported by trees really freaks me out.

Portwood, John. Explore Magazine, 1996

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